Gerlitzen, Carinthia, Austria

Hello guys!

Today I have something for everyone who enjoys skiing…or snowboarding 😉 I wanna tell you about our trip to Gerlitzen in the Alps. The ski resort is located in southern Austria,  in Carinthia. Beautiful mountains, amazing ski routes and delicious food is everything you need to spent a relaxing week with friends. We’ve always wanted to ski in the Alps, and we finally managed to go there.

We traveled to Villach by train with change in Vienna. Austrian trains are very comfortable and spacious, you will find a space for your equipment and luggage without any problem. After about 12 hours of journey we started in Poland, hence the longish travel time!) we arrived in Villach. I have to add one very important thing, which surprised us a lot. In March in Villach weather can be very sunny and warm. We were in shock. But don’t worry, the ski conditions were very good. It was astonishing, seeing spring weather in the city and real winter in the mountains. How cool! Our accommodation was in Annenheim, about 8 km from Villach. We left our luggage and went for a short walk. You could see some of the photos in our post from last week.

The next day we decided to go skiing. Gerlitzen offers 42 kilometres of very well prepared wide pistes. Because we are not professional skiers, we enjoy ski routes which offer beautiful views. We found one in Gerlitzen – Panorama run (Panoramaabfahrt). The route is 3.200 m, you ski among trees at the same time you can observe stunning panorama of the mountain. Of course after few hours of skiing you get hungry. Gerlitzen offers a lot of restaurants where you can eat fresh and delicious dishes.

It’s not as famous as Kaprun but in my opinion it is a very good place to ski where you can find a lot of different kind of pistes. We will come back there for sure.

All details about Gerlitzen Ski Resort you will find on their website: Gerlitzen




















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