Zürich, Switzerland

Hi everyone!

I have always wanted to go to Switzerland. There is something I really love in Swiss landscape with green fields and flowers, friendly people and delicious chocolate. I had a chance to be in Zurich only for about 3 hours as a part of our travel back from a business trip. Unfortunately, I could forget about fields and meadows but I had to admit that Zurich was absolutely stunning.

The trip began at 8 o’clock, we caught a train  from Singen to Zurich and after 1 hour we arrived. We stored our luggage in the lockers, then quick visited tourist information and got a city map. It was a cold and foggy, day but we were very excited. Our plan was simple – find the river Limmat, go to Zurichsee and come back to the train station.  Because it was a work day, the streets weren’t crowded or noisy and even though Zurich is a big city, the air was fresh and clean. We found the river very quickly and then we walked to the lake which was only 30 minutes away. We didn’t cross the river, as we decided to go one side of the river bank and come back on the opposite bank. We passed a few interesting places like St. Peter’s church,  Paradeplatz, Town Hall and The Fraumünster church. We stayed a bit longer at Bürkliplatz, where we were enjoyed an amazing view on Zurichsee. We didn’t see the Alps because the fog covered them completely, but even so the region was calm and peaceful. We decided to come back through the old town. It is a calm district, with small streets and restored buildings, very beautiful and impressive. Coming back we saw Zurich Opera House and The Grossmünster church with Zwingliplatz.

That was a very short trip, but I am sure that one day I will come back to Zurich or Switzerland. Of course I have to finally see the fields and meadows. Even if you have only 3 hours to spare please visit Zurich, You will be impressed and I am sure you will love it.




















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