Hafelekarspitze, Innsbruck, Austria

Good evening everyone!

I’m back!

You can’t even imagine how excited I’m ‘coz I have a lot of amazing places to show you. 😊 I’m not sure if you know but one of my favorite countries in Europe is Austria and I love travelling there. It is a beautiful country for everyone who likes mountains and amazing views.You don’t have to be in a good shape to discover the mountains there. I wanna tell you about our travel to Innsbruck and how me and my friends discovered a beautiful mountain called Hafelekarspitze. Don’t worry, we are not big mountain explorers. Hafelekarspitze is one of those mountains you can visit by cable car called Nordkettenbahnen 🙂

The travel began not far away from city center of Innsbruck, we walked about 25 minutes from our hotel to the Congress station. We bought tickets and waited for a train which runs every 15 minutes and consists of two sections: Hafelekarbahn and Seegrubenbahn. Both are very fast and modern. The upper station is located at 2256 m above sea level, To go to the peak you have to walk about 10 min. It’s not far away and we had to do it. From there we saw a beautiful panorama of Innsbruck,the river Inn and even the airport. Coming back we stopped in middle station to eat lunch. As always food was delicious and we tried some local beer.

For me the amazing thing was that in 20 minutes we were in completely different place. From a crowded city centre we found ourselves in a calm and peaceful top of the mountain I have to say that I’m jealous that people from Innsbruck have the place so close.

Oficial website: http://www.nordkette.com/

Tickets: http://www.nordkette.com/ticketshop.html
















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