Bastille for Streets of London at Union Chapel, London, England

Good evening everyone!

This post won’t be about travel destination but about a concert. I have to say, I haven’t planned to write about it, but it was so incredible evening so I have to. I’m warning you, I will write a lot of weird a bit emotional stuff and I won’t be angry if you don’t want to read it. 😛

In February, I wrote these words: “Here’s Bastille I loved: Definitely smaller, not black but emotional as hell. I hope one day my dream come true and I’ll watch their fully acoustic concert.”. the “one day” was on May 22nd in London. 5 days before my Birthday. I love such incredible coincidences because they help me to justify the wild idea of going to the gig. I won the tickets one week before the concert, I booked everything and came to London. It was quick but very good decision. Why? First: I’m a huge fan of acoustic concerts. If a band can play acoustic it means they are good. With some special effects, even I can sing. I loved Bastille because of their acoustic live lounges. Even if they don’t believe they can do it, I was sure they can. Easy. Second: the venue. Look at it! It’s a chapel! With beautiful arches, wooden seats and high ceiling.  Third: the guests, strings, horns, harmonies and choir made the special magic atmosphere. It was very nice to listen the same songs with this magic.

It was definitely worth coming, even if a vision of coming back from Highbury alone by bus scared me almost to death. This gig, four years ago at the Garage:


I have no idea how we came back. I only remember the longest come back after a gig in my life. We didn’t have a map, the Tube was closed so we had to use busses.  Dark streets, weird people and foxes. We were at hotel at 5 am. I’m not a huge fan of dark places. Honestly. If you want to kill me, leave me in a dark wood for 5 min., I’ll be dead. Anyway, luckily, I didn’t have to fight with foxes. Unluckily I didn’t meet the band again.

The evening was almost perfect. After one the most magic and incredible concert I came back to hotel I read about the events in Manchester… I don’t know if I should call it the most amazing night in my life. I probably shouldn’t. I was at MEN Arena few times, I saw there The Killers for the first time in the UK and last time Bastille in November. A lot of amazing memories. I have no words… The Killers sang these in Manchester in February 2013:

“And so, Sally can wait
She knows it’s too late as we’re walking on by
Her soul slides away
But don’t look back in anger
I heard you say”

My very few photos I took that day:










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