Brännö, Gothenburg, Sweden

Hello travellers!

Welcome back on this beautiful Sunday! Recently I wrote only about Barcelona and I still have a lot of places to show you but today I want to tell you about something else. Last week I was on very spontaneous trip to Sweden with friends. You know, Sweden is not very popular holidays destination. When I had a chance to go there my answer could be only one J

As you may know in Sweden are many small island where you can go from the land by ferries as a part of a public transport. In Gothenburg we decided to visit one of them to watch sunset and take some lovely photos (mine are not the most gorgeous but I do my best). The little island in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago called Brännö, is the place I want to tell you about today.

Interesting facts about it:

  • Community of southern archipelago is living there for the whole year but what’s interesting they don’t use private cars. Transportation is carried out by delivery mopeds, cycles and ferries.
  • On the Brännö island you can watch beautiful panorama from vintage point. From there you can see a panorama from Vinga to Gothenburg.
  • You can even stay overnight on Brännö in gesthouse Baggen. There is also local history museum.
  • On the island farming has been more important than fishing.
  • The ferries to the archipelago operate from the Saltholmen terminal (you can go there by tram from central Gothenburg by tram 11 or 9 – on summer time)

If you want to spend a while in some calm place with lovely view I can recommend you to visit one of the islands. I’m not a huge fan of ships and sea but  I was very impressed and I would love to see another islands. Enjoy the photos! 😉

















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