Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain

Hi everyone! I hope  you have a lovely day 🙂

Today I want to tell you about very special place. It would be a small surprise for you, because it’s not Antonio Gaudi’s work. This place is called Tibidabo. What is it exactly? It’s a mountain in Barcelona, 512 meters high. If you were in the city you probably noticed the shiny church on a top of the mountain at night. Yep, this is it. Visiting Tibidabo you can admire wonderful panorama of Barcelona, see Sagrat Cor church (the shiny one) and finish your trip in… Tibidabo Amusement Park. Insane, right? Church and amusement park in one place. This is beautiful in Barcelona. Any, even the most ridiculous idea, is a good idea.

Unfortunately in February the park is closed so we visited only the church. It’s small and won’t take you more that 30-40 min to see it. I really recommend it, the panorama is breathtaking. Here you’ll find information how to get there. 

Before your visit please check the side because we choose Tibidabo Funicular which was closed 😉 (we’re the best trip planners in the world ❤ ). One more important thing, there is a lift in the church, woohoo!!!

Enjoy the photos and see you soon!













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