Casa Milà/ La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain

Hi  everyone! I’m really happy to have you here 😉

Today I won’t surprise you a lot because I’m going to write about another amazing place to visit in… Barcelona. Yes, again the capital of Cataluña is the main topic of my story and yes, I’m a bit obsessed. As my friend once said “people without any obsession are boring” let’s stick to this.

On my last stay in the city I visited another Gaudi’s great work Casa Milà/ La Pedrera. The building has a characteristic structure and contains elements of naturalist nature. We started our visit from seeing beautiful rooftop with unique and amazing chimneys, stairways exits and ventilators. From the terrace you can also admire the panorama of Barcelona. Second we went down to watch the loft, rooms and courtyard. It took us about two hours to see everything and I have to say I was very impressed. Of course there are similar details to another Gaudi’s works but If you consider it as a whole building it makes very good impression.

Interesting facts about Casa Milà:

  • Casa Milà is made up of two estates, with two different entrances but joined by one façade.
  • The building is located on the corner of Passeig de Gracia and Carrer Provença and was made for the Milà family.
  • The construction took from 1906 until 1912. Gaudi didn’t finish the project because of disagreements with the owners.
  • The main materials used there are brick, wood (for furniture) and metal.


















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