Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain

Good evening everyone!

Today I would like to continue my Barcelona adventure. In the city is a lot of interesting and breathtaking places. Most of them are designed by Antonio Gaudi, who for me personally is very inspiring person. Honestly, can you imagine that most of the constructions, details and buildings appeared in one mind? Unbelievable. All his works represent integration of nature and architecture what makes them unique. I had a pleasure to be in Park Güell twice and this two visits encourage me to read a bit more about the place. That’s what I’ve found out 🙂

  • The park was named after  Eusebi Güell, who assigned the design to Gaudi.
  • Gaudi worked on the construction between 1900 and 1914 but the park was opened as a public in 1926. Gaudi moved even his house there in 1906.
  • Eusebi Güell wanted to make a place based on a concept of British garden city movement, that’s why it was named “park” from English not “parc” from Catalan. The name is visible on medallions next to the main entrance.
  • Park Güell is on Unesco list of World Heritage Sites
  • The most visited place in the park is  the main terrace with a long bench inspired by sea serpent. Interesting is, that the design of the bench was the work of Gaudi’s collaborator Joseph Maria Jujol.

Here you’ll find some useful information:

How to get there       Information about tickets       Official gallery

If you plan visit Barcelona and you’re interested in Gaudi’s works, Park Güell is definitely a perfect place for you. I was very impressed and I’m sure one day I’ll come back.  Enjoy my pictures and see you next week. Cheers!


















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