Bastille’s Wild, Wild World Tour – my few words from the other side of “The hands wall”

Hallo everyone!

I hope you have another lovely and nice weekend 🙂

Do you want to know what’s my favorite travel inspiration? There are probably many options, but for me the answer is very simple – concerts. I have to be honest with you, I’m a concert maniac and I can travel a long trip to see one of my favorite bands. Sounds insane? Maybe it is, but do you know better feeling than doing what makes you happy? I think everyone from time to time has to make something like this, even if other people look at you and think: “She’s definitely not normal”. Should we care? Nope! There are a lot of people doing the same crazy things and they are happy! Stick to this and you’ll be fine. There is one thing. I don’t like taking pictures on concerts, I know I’m old fashioned, so you probably won’t see any brilliant or breathtaking shots here. Sorry for that. My friend told me that for an artist it’s completely scary and confusing seeing people with phones from the stage. I still have his words in my mind. Besides, it’s better to hear the music with your own ears and see the concert with your own eyes.

So here it is. My few words from the other side of, let’s called it, “the hands wall”

When I heard that boys are going on tour I was very excited. I saw them for the first time playing with The Killers in Belfast in August 2014. Because I was there for The Killers so I didn’t know many Bastille’s songs except singles. Pretty bad, right? The truth is, If any band can make on you an impression playing live and you want to listen more, it means they’re worth your time. Guess what happened, I wanted listen more and more. I felt in love in acoustic performances and B-sides. Yep, give me strings, piano and acoustic guitar and I’m your biggest fan. Just kidding it’s not so simple. Last Summer Bastille played on Opener Festival in Gdynia which is one of the biggest festivals in Poland. I bought tickets to see them and Florence and The Machine (<3). Unfortunately because of personal reasons I wasn’t able to go to the shows. I was sitting in Gdansk with my friends, 30 min away from the festival, watching the stream. Thank god they came back! The point is, their music became for me a perfect way to deal with personal loss and possibility to change completely my priorities in life.

When Wild, Wild World Tour began, I decided to visit 3 cities I truly love and finally see the show in Poland.

The first step: Manchester

Because of: my first The Killers show in the UK ages ago, Morrissey, The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, The Stone Roses, Manchester United, record shops and cheap books. In Manchester I met a friend who I’ve never expected to meet there. I still have no idea how it was possible.

This was my first show after 2,5 years. I was very impressed. They grown up so fast and in such a good way! Another good memory from Manc 😉

01 1. On my way to Stratford/ 2. Street art/ 3. Castlefield/ 4. The view from my window

02I’m the master of concert photography, I took two pictures!


The most important picture if you are Moz’s and The Smiths’ fan


The second step: Warsaw

Because it was my first show in Poland. Thanks for a nice meeting before the show and album signing, that was huge! I had one problem with this concert. Except parents, I was probably the older person in the room.  But still, a lot of good energy.

011. Polish queue during the meeting/ 2. Some album signed by some band

04021.Polish crowd during “Of The Night”/ 2. The good looking box/ 3. “WELCOME HOME”


The third step: Barcelona

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with happy and smiling people. Perfect place if you want to relax and spend some time with friends walking around the city. Moreover that’s probably the only one place when you can get to the venue using escalators. I love your imagination Spanish people! The show was amazing as always.

01On my way to the concert: ESCALATORS!!!!

04This guy again…

03Sightseeing with friends: 1. Park Guell – the entrance/ 2. Park Guell/ 3. Fresh juice from Boqueria


The last step: The best city in the world – Vienna 

Vienna is only 4,5 hours away from my home city Katowice. Bastille’s concert was a perfect reason to visit the city again. I love Vienna because: first, it’s a mix of old and new. This is a place with history and at the same time a modern capital city. Second, very nice, friendly people and delicious food.

In my personal opinion the show in Vienna was the best one. The crowd was amazing, there was the same good energy as in Poland but I wasn’t the oldest in the room, and “The Anchor”… no words.

010203I took my camera with me, finally 🙂 The hands’ wall during The Draw



There is one more thing…..RATIONALE!!!!!!!!! It was a real pleasure to know their music.


How can I describe the whole tour in 3 words? Bigger. Black. Emotional.

Here’s Bastille I loved: Definitely smaller, not black but emotional as hell. I hope one day my dream come true and I’ll watch their fully acoustic concert.

At the end short message for the band: Stay who you are and don’t freak out in the wild world of music industry. Hugs and see you soon! 

“Not everything had gone to plan, but we made the best of what we had, you know…”



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